Spaghetti Maker

Object Title: Kitchen Equipment

Object Name: Spaghetti Maker


Brass spaghetti maker with attachments; borer holes in wooden handle

Size (in mm)

Handle 430 mm L

Screw mechanism 325 mm L

Pasta cylinder 290 mm L


Handle, cylinder, screw, screw fitting (table attachment), 5 dyes


No (item in personal custody of owner)


Brass (yellow), with green discolouration




Unknown, commercial



Method of manufacture

Not Known




Raw pasta dough put into the cylinder, the handle is rotated and pasta comes out the bottom into a bowl on the floor


Brought to Australia by Mistica Rosa Scapin (Rina’s mother) in 1929


  • Made:  Not Known
  • Donated:  No
  • Recorded (for register):  18 January 2004

Associated information

You had to have flour (in the bowl) and throw it onto the pasta, and then lower the pasta into the bowl. You cut the pasta to whatever length you wanted – 2 ft 6” long (roughly). Pasta was always made fresh. Could make it and dry it on a sheet, on a bed or table and store it.

Flour and eggs, salt in the water when cooking. Might do six eggs at a time. After breakfast mum did the dough and I turned the handle, while mum did cutting and flour from the bottom. Bowl at the bottom had flour in it. Every time one pressing was finished – each length taken and put on an unfloored surface. There are different shapes – most common one was spaghetti. Made it once a week for use during the week. Also made pasta in forno (pasta in the oven – lasagne)

Didn’t use it much after I started work – when I was about 20 years old. She used if for about 20 years. Used the pasta maker once a fortnight and made other type every couple of days [i.e. rolled pastry]. Rina’s job was to clean it out. Never cleaned the inside – had flour inside and just left it.

Item number



Eva Castle

Current location

Personal collection, Rina Montgomery (nee Filippi), Bulli NSW