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MHP’s recent Facebook post on Wednesday 17 February 2021 about the half house built by Theodorus and Mathilda Jansen has raised the curiosity of some our followers which I hope this blog will go some way towards answering such questions as: what number was the house? what did it look like when it was finished? is it still there today? Firstly, on the subject of half houses. Many of us in Wollongong are aware of, and know why, half houses were built. Some were even built by our own migrant parents or grandparents. It is an important part of not…

MHP Presentation Assisted Migration & Housing

MHP Presentation on Hostel Life - Stories of Assisted Migration & Housing Saturday 29 February 2020, 9.30am, Fraternity Club, 11 Bourke Street Fairy Meadow, NSW Admission Free but Booking Essential. 2019 saw the start of many 70-year anniversaries across Australia in connection with post WW2 migration to Australia. The Commonwealth migration schemes, brought many people to Wollongong who started their lives in hostel accommodation. A pictorial presentation by the Migration Heritage Project that looks back and recalls the people, the places and the memories from those times. From 1949 migrant hostel accommodation was built, or re-purposed from exiting camps, to…

Food Business Exhibition Panels at the Curio Gallery

The 'Illawarra Food Business Stories of Early Migrants who Tantalised our Palates' exhibition enjoyed an encore presentation September to 14 October 2019 at the Wollongong City Council's Curio Gallery, an outdoor display which is located on Church Street Wollongong. This successful and popular exhibition researched, curated and designed by the Migration Heritage Project, is about Wollongong's own 'food pioneers'. It showcases the individuals that brought new flavours and colours to the palates of the people in an emerging city that we know and love today. Many people believe that Wollongong became a multicultural city after World War 2, but in…

Museum of Human Migration to the Illawarra Feasibility Study Updates

May 2021 - This study is now complete and available for download at the following link <Museum Feasibility Study> March 2020 - Franca Facci (MHP), Chris Lacey (MCCI) and consultant John Petersen met with the feasibility study funding body in March and provided a briefing on the final report. The next stage is to advocate for funding. Franca, Chris and John met briefly and drafted a bit of a strategy which will be further developed when COVID-19 restrictions allow. The Covid 19 restrictions have impacted on the progress on the follow up of the feasibility study. It is hoped that…

DUTCHIES IN THE ILLAWARRA an illustrated book by Bill Fikkers

A HISTORY OF THE DUTCH IMMIGRANT FAMILIES WHO SETTLED IN THE ILLAWARRA IN THE 1950S Bill Fikkers is a member of the Migration Heritage Project, an example how the Migration Heritage Project encourages and supports the recording of migrant history in the Illawarra, and it is with great pleasure that we were able to promote his published work ‘Dutchies in the Illawarra’. ‘Dutchies in the Illawarra’ is an 86 page, illustrated book, the product of Bill’s research into the history of Dutch immigrant families who settled in the Illawarra in the 1950s. Bill has recorded in his book the experiences…


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