MHP Presentation Assisted Migration & Housing


MHP Presentation on Hostel Life - Stories of Assisted Migration & Housing

Saturday 29 February 2020, 9.30am, Fraternity Club, 11 Bourke Street Fairy Meadow, NSW

Admission Free but Booking Essential.          


2019 saw the start of many 70-year anniversaries across Australia in connection with post WW2 migration to Australia.  The Commonwealth migration schemes, brought many people to Wollongong who started their lives in hostel accommodation. A pictorial presentation by the Migration Heritage Project that looks back and recalls the people, the places and the memories from those times.

From 1949 migrant hostel accommodation was built, or re-purposed from exiting camps, to house the people who came to Wollongong under the migration schemes introduced by the Australian Government after World War 2.  What were these schemes and why were they introduced?  How did they impact on where and how hostels were built in Wollongong? Where are these hostels today? Where are the people’s stories and memories?

The Migration Heritage Project is hosting a presentation to commemorate this significant milestone in Wollongong's local history and recall people's stories and memories from those times.

Come listen to, learn about, remember or share the stories at this Migration Heritage Project Special Presentation. 

Please join us.  The event is free but bookings are essential.

Please RSVP by 27 February by email at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book Online at: Eventbrite 

or call the MHP Secretary on 0438 832 094

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