Tracing your family history is a long and involving process and can take years to complete.  It can add up to be costly after you purchase subscriptions, pay for copies of records, write to overseas repositories, printing and scanning, but however long or costly it is, it is worthwhile.

Below are some useful links that may help you on your journey.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting. 

The National Archives of Australia

The NAA has immigration, naturalisation and passenger lists and other immigration information.  From this select record search to search the digital archives.  Some of the documents are open in which case you will able to view them, otherwise you will need to request a copy which usually incurs a fee depending on the size of the file: small, medium or large.

The Wollongong Local Studies Library

The Library has an edition of that may be accessed by Library members. 

To access you will need to join the library. 

You will need to log in using your library log in details.  If you want to join the library you can join online, this is a free service. also has examples of forms you can use to collate family data, such as the family group form.

State Archives

State Archives also hold immigration, naturalisation and passenger lists prior to the Commonwealth Government assuming responsibility.  They will also have archives relating to businesses and other items that fall under a State Government jurisdiction.

Each state has its own archives and can be found by a simple Google search such as “NSW State Archives”.

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Each state has its own registry for recording births, deaths and marriages. 

Click on the button to be taken to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Family History Search page. There are costs associated when requesting copies of certificates.