The goal of the MHP is to ensure that the rich and significant stories of people who migrated to the Illawarra from a wide diversity of backgrounds are researched, recorded and showcased in the community.

Ideally this would be achieved with the construction of a Museum of Human Migration. To realise this vision will require significant collaboration across government and philanthropic organisations with the outcome being of great significance to the local community and wider Australia. Go to feasibility study for a full report on this concept.

In order to work towards a permanent museum presence, the MHP will continue linking with community groups and engaging people in workshops to research, protect and promote our rich cultural heritage.

The MHP have produced resources to help people to get started. These include a brochure called “Documenting the Migration Heritage of the Illawarra”, as well as an information package and other tools. Go to the resources page for further details.



We are proud to showcase some of our achievements and awards

Researched, designed and curated successful exhibitions

Published a Thematic Study on Post World War 2 Migrants

eBook focussing on the working life, migrant heritage and the textile, clothing and footwear industry in Wollongong 1940s to 1970s

Published a book in October 2015 on how to document migrant history featuring stories in the Illawarra

Researching pioneers of the Illawarra from diverse cultural backgrounds from settlement to the 1930s (pre World War 2).

Helped save the remaining buildings of the Fairy Meadow migrant hostel from destruction by working with the University of Wollongong. Known as the Nissen Huts, the buildings are now on the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

Documented exciting home movie footage that represents the experiences and lifestyles of the Illawarra migrant community.

Provided the content for a 2009 Viva la Gong Festival photographic exhibition by international photographer Mayu Kanamori

Developed and ran workshops, and developed a list of resources to help groups and individuals document heritage material.

Provided support and advice for publications from within the community

Inclusion of ‘places of significance to migrants’ in Wollongong City Council’s Heritage Schedule of the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 2009 and heritage map.

Keeping the community informed of news and projects

A collaborative exhibition by MHP & UOW

In 2017 a collaborative exhibition between the Migration Heritage Project and the University of Wollongong was held to celebrate 16 years since the Migration Heritage Project was formed in 2001 and took a retrospective look at the MHP’s exhibitions, publications, research and other work together with content from the University of Wollongong Archives. An Exhibition Event was arranged by the UOW with Professor Andrew Jakubowicz from the University of Technology Sydney who gave a talk on Illawarra Migration History How Wollongong Changed the Nation which was followed by a panel discussion.



The Migration Heritage Project is the proud recipient of 5 local and state awards.