Volunteers enrich our culture, strengthen our relationships and help to make our work more effective by contributing their time, skills, energy and enthusiasm.

“I volunteer my time to support the Migration Heritage Project because I am proud of my heritage and proud of my parents who migrated to Australia without a word of English and devoted their whole life to a building a better future. I want people to know about the toils and hardships, the celebrations and adaptations, the creation of new customs and the embracing and shaping of a new Australian way of life. We owe our ancestors a debt to remember them and the foundations they laid for us. If we don’t record their stories, they will be lost forever. This is what drives and inspires me to give a little back, for the fortunes I enjoy today as a result of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of so many others like them”.
Franca Facci, Chair and founding member of the Migration Heritage Project

 “There is a huge gap in Wollongong’s heritage story and that gap is the story of the contribution of the migrants to this city.  I volunteer with the Migration Heritage Project because this group is plugging that gap to tell a richer and truer story of who we are and how we got here.  We need to preserve this history to acknowledge and honour those who came before and for the generations after.  I hope one day our work will fill a museum here in Wollongong dedicated to the story of human migration to our region.”
Fidelia Pontarolo, Secretary and founding member of the Migration Heritage Project

The Migration Heritage Project seek volunteers who have skills and contacts that can assist in our work to preserve the history of migrants in our region.  Whether you want to volunteer short-term for a special project, meet regularly each month with the committee to volunteer for ad hoc tasks, or join a list of on-call volunteers to assist for special events, the choice is yours.  Skills sets range from specialist areas of expertise to just mere muscle and grunt.  We are looking for volunteers who:

  • have access to migrant communities
  • have access to business leaders
  • are historians and researchers
  • are journalists
  • are in marketing, public relations or are event organisers
  • are social media and tech savvy
  • can lift and transport exhibition items
  • can cater for events
  • have financial management skills
  • just want to help and participate in any way they can

Join us at the Migration Heritage Project as a volunteer by emailing and let us know how you can help and when you can help.