In 2009 Viva La Gong

First Accommodation research from the MHP’s Wollongong Migration Heritage Thematic Study (Places Project) was the subject of a photographic exhibition that formed part of the 2009 Viva La Gong Festival. The photographs were exhibited on the Wollongong City Gallery exterior panels (Corner of Kembla and Burelli Streets Wollongong).

Viva La Gong Festival commissioned photographer Mayu Kanamori to create the portraits reflecting the migrant experience in Wollongong, featuring contemporary portraits and a selection of archival images.

These photographs, taken by renowned artist Mayu Kanamori, recorded against the backdrop of the location of their first accommodation or memories, present day images of people who migrated to the City and who have helped shape and characterise its community.

These people have been photographed where they first lived when they came to Wollongong after World War II. First generation migrants stayed in friends’ garages, in boarding houses, government hostels or tents in Stuart Park and Towradgi. They often met others in a similar situation who became lifelong friends.

Photographer Mayu Kanamori’s work for First Generation was inspired by the MHP Migration Places Project.

All photographs by © Mayu Kanamori 2009 unless otherwise stated as historical photo. © Mayu Kanamori 2009 / Wollongong City Council / MHP
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