Home Movies Animating Heritage

Home Movies Animating Heritage Project was an initiative of the Illawarra Migration Heritage Project Inc. in partnership with Film Illawarra, Faculty of Arts, School of Art & Design, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong.

The Migration Heritage Project created a community register of home movies which records information about home movies making it possible for us to select, document, educate and tell the story and importance of migrant heritage through moving image.

It is important to collect home movies to add to and enrich our understanding and knowledge of the history of the Illawarra region. Home movie footage may include; stories of arrival and settlement in Australia, festivals, parades, school events, cultural celebrations, ceremonies and sporting events. Anything that represents or is significant to the heritage, traditions, customs, experiences and lifestyles of Illawarra migrant families and community.

This project has now been completed.

Home Movies Animating Heritage was funded by IMB Community Foundation.