George Cross Falcons Club: Maltese Australian in the Illawarra

The St George Cross Falcons Club in Cringila started in 1951 when some members of the Maltese community in Wollongong got together and decided to establish a club to help the newer migrants.  A committee was organised and would meet in a tin shed across from the club or each other’s homes.  A fee of 10 cents per week was given by each member which went towards funding for the Club.  In 1953 two block lots were bought for 200 pounds each.  In 1955 two basement rooms were built all by volunteers.  A few years later members were asked to donate to the club the sum of 50 pounds for material so that the club could build an upstairs section.  Once again, all the work was done by volunteer labour.  This work was started in the 1960s and it finished a few years.  The Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW provided funds for an exhibition of the heritage of a migrant community in the Illawarra and some preliminary work on the heritage of another community.  The MHP approached the Maltese community to see if they were interested in being the community highlighted with this funding and they took up the offer very enthusiastically.

The exhibition was held 2-16 September 2006 in the foyer of the Wollongong City Council Building in Burelli Street, Wollongong and featured the George Cross Falcon’s Club.  The exhibition was curated by Lorraine Vargas, a member of the Maltese Community, for the Migration Heritage Project with assistance from Linda Raymond.  Panel Design was by Gregor Cullen from the Migration Heritage Project.

George Cross Falcons Maltese Community Exhibition Catalogue