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MHP Celebrates 20 Years

The Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Post WWII Polish Migrants in Illawarra Timeline

65th Anniversary of Polish Association in Wollongong

Maltese Community Centre Celebrates 70 Years

MHP Newsletter Issue 38 December 2021

New MHP Website

Museum of Human Migration Feasibility Study

Treasured Objects – Cabbage Shredder

MHP Newsletter Issue 37 September 2021

Unanderra Hostel

Harry Box A Champion of Post-World War 2 Wollongong Migrants

Vale Ludwik Ihnat, OAM

MHP Newsletter Issue 36 March 2021

Hermine Rainow and her Legacy to Wollongong Migrants

Pecalba an Industrial Migrant Landscape Exhibition by Riste Andrievski

Migrant Communities Participate in the 1970 Wollongong Show

2020 What a Year! – Merry Christmas

MHP Newsletter Issue 35 December 2020

Balts Camp

Congratulations to Colleen Mandicos awarded OAM

MHP Newsletter Issue 33 March 2020

Migrants Building Communities – Clubs – George Cross, Ukrainian, Fraternity

MHP Newsletter Issue 30 September 2019

Call for Feedback for Museum of Human Migration Feasibility Study

MHP Newsletter Issue 29 June 2019 Special Edition

Museum of Human Migration Feasibility Study

New MHP Website

Opening of Italo Wing at MACI

MHP Registered and Endorsed by ACNC

MHP Newsletter Issue 28 June 2019

How Castagne Day Got started in the Illawarra

MCCI Mid Year Meeting


MHP Newsletter Issue 27 July 2018

Castagne Day

Joseph Marceau

Vale Freddie Romano

MHP Newsletter Issue 26 May 2018

Ukrainian Easter

Vale Drago Radinovic

MHP Newsletter Issue 25 April 2018

Migration to Illawarra Exhibition

Food Business Exhibition

MHP Newsletter Issue 24 December 2017

Australia Day Award

Collections of Hopes and Dreams Exhibition

Hopes and Dreams Book

Strategic Planning

Practical Photograph Workshop – Stories to Tell

John Radecki: The Wollongong Works National Trust Walking Tour

MHP Newsletter Issue 23 July 2012

MHP Pocket Book and Ebook Series

Collections of Hopes and Dreams Exhibition

Images Database

Early Pioneers Research

Migration Public Art Project

Migration to Wollongong Publication

MHP Newsletter Issue 22 October 2011

New Home for First Generation Panels

Images and Permissions Database

Collection of Hopes and Dreams Exhibition

Wollongong City Council Heritage Advisory Committee

Powerhouse Museum Internship

Heritage Story Pocket Book and eBook

Migration Public Art Project

Migration to Wollongong Publication

MHP Newsletter Issue 21 June 2011

Annual General Meeting

Annual Report by the Chairperson, MHP

MHP Newsletter Issue 20 December 2010

Annual Report

Viva La Gong Not Missin’ the Nissen & First Generation Portrait Exhibition Images

Migration Public Art Project

Annual Presentation ‘Women in Work’

MHP Newsletter Issue 19 December 2009

Annual Presentation ‘Women in Work’

Viva La Gong

MHP Newsletter Issue 18 October 2009

Working Women and the Textile Clothing and Footwear Industry

First Generation Exhibition Viva La Gong

Places Project Legacy Continues

Viva La Gong Knitting and Crochet Projects

Guerrilla Knitting Workshop

Stocktake of Migration Heritage – Portuguese Community

MHP Newsletter Issue 17 June 2009

MHP Places Project Workshop

Easter Traditions

George’s Barber Shop

Simply Living – Share Your Frugal Stories

MHP Newsletter Issue 16 March 2009

Early Polish Pioneers of the Illawarra

MHP Annual Report

MHP Newsletter Issue 15 December 2008

Belongings Project

First Homes


Places Project

MHP Newsletter Issue 14 December 2008

Macedonian Aprons

Doin’ the Tomatoes

Ukrainian Decorated Easter Eggs (Pysanky)

MHP Project Updates

MHP Newsletter Issue 13 March 2008

Sharing, Saving, Waiting & Making Do

Chairman’s Annual Report

Meet MHP Committee

Sentimental Objects

Nissen Huts

MHP Newsletter Issue 12 December 2007

As Time Goes By…

Meet the Committee

Oral History Reference Books

MHP Newsletter Issue 11 September 2007

Wollongong Migration Heritage Places

Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Festival 2007

MHP Project Updates

Meet the MHP Committee

FAHS Publishing History Guide

MHP Newsletter Issue 10 June 2007

Family History Recording Questions

Oral History Goes Digital

Meet the MHP Committee

MHP Project Updates

Back to Kembla Open Day

60th Anniversary of Post WWII Migration to Australia

2007 Community Heritage Grants

MHP Newsletter Issue 9 March 2007

Chairman’s Annual Report

2007 Meeting Dates

2006 Annual General Meeting Election Results

Monument to Emigrants

MHP Newsletter Issue 8 December 2006

George Cross Falcons Club Maltese Exhibition

Cringila Public School 50th Anniversary Celebration

Lingua Loca

MHP Project Updates

Wollongong Local Studies Library

PhD Study on Displaced Persons

Kompas Magazine

MHP Newsletter Issue 7 September 2006

MHP Goes Global

Mt Kembla Heritage Festival

PhD Study on Displaced Persons

At a Glance

Elizabeth’s Story

MHP Newsletter Issue 6 June 2006

A Cup of Tea with Nellie Menegazzo

At a Glance

MHP Meetings

MHP Website Launch

MHP Newsletter Issue 5 March 2006

CAPAH Association Heritage Project

Maltese Community Heritage Project

National Library of Australia Multicultural Documentary Heritage Project

At a Glance

MHP Newsletter Issue 4 December 2004.pdf

MHP, Telstra & Uptown Crown (Street)

On Site Fairy Meadow Migrant Hostel

Objects Workshop Profile Rina Montgomery (Filippi)

Snap Shots

At a Glance

MHP Newsletter Issue 3 June 2004.pdf

Celebrations – Spirit of Communities Exhibition Wrap Up

Migration Heritage Project – One Year On

At A Glance

Snap Shots

MHP Newsletter Issue 2 Feb 2004.pdf

Who Are We? An Introduction to the Migration Heritage Project

Become Involved

Celebrations Exhibition

MHP Newsletter Issue 1 June 2003.pdf

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