The value of an object lies not only in how beautiful it is but in the stories that it holds, the emotions that it evokes and the lessons that it teaches us…

(Franca Facci – Collections of Hopes and Dreams Exhibition 2011/12)


Many of the stories that are shared by people who settled in the Illawarra are often accompanied by, or relate specifically to, a treasured or important object that came with them on their journey. For others it is about finding a missing treasure, and for some it’s a souvenir or keepsake that reminds them of their arrival.

These objects, images, documents, and memorabilia are important to record and safeguard as they help us to understand the impacts, emotions and sentiments of the migration experience. Through these objects and tools brought from overseas, we can see how traditions and cultural practices in Australia were transformed forever.

If you would like to showcase an object, photo, document or keep-sake, please photograph and record it and send it in! We’d be excited to see the stories of precious objects in the region.

To get started, here are some examples of objects that have been documented and recorded.

Information on how to document your object or memorabilia can be found here.

Information on how to document your photographs can be found here.

You will find information on how to make sure your object can be kept safe and intact here.