Wine Cask

Object Title: Kitchen Equipment

Object Name: Wine Cask


Ceramic [demijohn] with wicker work surrounding it

Size (in mm)

240 mm W x 390 mm H


Ceramic [demijohn], wicker casing, sacking around opening [cork missing]


No (item in personal custody of owner)


Ceramic light grey, wicker is brown [with red paint?]


Ceramic, cane, sacking


Unknown [possibly Australia]


L. Filippi inscribed on ceramic stopper on top of cask

Method of manufacture

Not Known




Used when buying wine from Borgos and for storing homemade wine


Owned by Mr Filippi who use to sell wine until Mr Borgo had the business.  Mr Borgo brought it out to the Filippi house; brought it with wine and Giacomo Filippi (Rina’s father) had it in his cellar when the Shellharbour Street house was cleared out.


  • Made:  Not Known
  • Donated:  No
  • Recorded (for register):  18 January 2004

Associated information

Most of our wine (mostly red wine) was bought from the De Bortoli (in Griffith NSW).  Dad sent away to Griffith for the wine.  Dad used to make his wine.  Had lots of large containers – kept in the cellar at the house.  He also had 2 wooden casks he used for wine.  One is now in Rina’s shed.

Could buy wine in large quantities and [get it] sent by rail.  Went to Port Kembla to pick it up at the Goods Shed.  I walked to Port Kembla from Shellharbour Road.  In Cringila I used to do the same thing.  When he bought the Buick, about 1938, the wine casks wouldn’t fit in it [so still had to bring it home from the railway station with the sulky.]

Item number



Eva Castle

Current location

Personal collection, Rina Montgomery (nee Filippi), Bulli NSW