Wedding corsages and missals

Object title: Wedding Items

Object name: Corsages and Missals

Description Size (in mm)

80mm (w) x 110mm (h)

Parts (include any casing or support)

Wedding missals are leather bound and paper, corsages wax flowers, wire and gauze netting

Collection (is the item part of a collection)

Not part of a collection. This item is in personal ownership.

Colour (of each piece, including any notes on fading or discolouration)

Wedding missal brown leather with yellowed pages, corsages white, gold and green

Materials (what is the item and any component parts made of e.g. plastic body, fabric dress, synthetic hair)

leather, paper, wax flowers, wire and gauze netting

Maker (who or what company made the item, or made part of the item e.g. the body of a doll may be commercially made, while the dress is hand made by a local resident)

Missal in Salzburg, maker unknown, Wax Flowers maker unknown

Inscriptions (any signature or stamp on the item)

Missal: Naklada: Glasnika Srca Isuova i Marijina, Salzburg Austria, Tiskara: Salsburger Drckerei, Salzburg

Method of manufacture (or see Maker)


Contents (for records include titles)


Use (how is or was the item used e.g. as a home ornament, for display, in a workshop)

Wedding corsages were worn on clothing and missals carried by Drago and Zora Radinovic for their wedding in Salzburg Austria in 1958

History (from the time the item was made, who owned it, where it was made and who the current owner is)

The items came with Drago and Zora Radinovic when they migrated to Australia in 1959 after escaping on foot from the (former) Yugoslavia to Austria where they married in 1958.  They lived in a migrant camp which was a former army base in Glasenbar near Salzburg, Austria. Items kept by their daughter Darinka.



– donated – no

Associated information (personal information provided by owner, maker, donor or organisation about the item, its use, history and significance)

The items are a reminder of the journey taken by Drago and Zora Radinovic from their escape to their arrival in Australia with their baby daughter, Darinka.

Item number

Cataloguer Darinka Radinovic

Current location Home of Darinka Radinovic, Wollongong